Netryx Remote Administration

Information technology is an indispensable part of any business today and IT systems frequently require maintenance and management. Whatever your business, chances are that it is not network management. Yet most businesses find themselves spending valuable time managing and maintaining their network, rather than concentrating on their core business and generating revenue.

Netryx Remote Administration frees you and your staff from network maintenance and allows you to concentrate on your core business. With the Netryx Remote Administration service, your company's network maintenance and management is performed by an experienced professional rather than a less knowledgable member of your staff. This means that it is done correctly, efficiently and most importantly, cost effectively.

The Netryx Remote Administration service enables you to have Netryx perform all routine network management and maintenance for you. Common tasks like creating and removing network users, printer management, router and switch management, server backups and file restoration can all be handled through secure, encrypted connections between Netryx and your company.

Netryx Remote Administration also enables Netryx to troubleshoot and repair most network problems quickly, minimizing the impact on your business. If problems arise, a phone call is all that is required to get them resolved quickly. Should the problem not be repairable remotely, a Netryx engineer will be dispatched to quickly resolve the issue on-site.

Contact Netryx and find out what Netryx Remote Administration can do for your business.

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