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The most secure and widely used web server in the world is the Apache web server. Apache is fast, powerful and secure. Apache serves web pages for some of the largest and most popular web sites in the world. But, the most surprising thing about Apache is that it is also completely free.

Many people are often amazed to learn that there is a tremendous amount of free, open source, software available to improve their business and keep software licensing costs low. Like Apache, this free software is of the highest quality and carries no licensing cost. There is a wide variety of this software available for everything from email and database servers to desktops and word processors.

Although unknown to most people, a few of these free programs have been in the news lately. A prime example is the Firefox web browser which is a fast and secure alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox has rapidly grown in popularity and has been the subject of numerous recent news stories around the country including this Computer World article.

Another example of excellent free software is Open Office. Open Office is an office productivity suite modeled after Microsoft's Office Suite or Lotus Smart Suite. Open Office includes a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing program and presentation program and more. Open office can read and write documents in many formats including Microsoft Office. While Microsoft Office can cost as much as $400, Open Office is completely free.

While open source software solutions do not always fit everyone's requirements, Netryx is a proponent of open source software. Netryx recommends and implements open source software whenever it is appropriate for the client's needs. Netryx can analyze your software requirements and determine if an open source software solution is appropriate for your business.
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