Netryx Technology Advantage Package

The Netryx, Inc. Technology Advantage Package provides businesses with less than 75 employees with the most advanced network technology available at the lowest cost. Services essential to your business such as network connectivity, data centralization and security, collaboration, communication, remote access and more are all rolled into the Netryx Technology Advantage Package.

By storing business data in a central location it becomes easy to locate, share and control access to that data. It also makes backing up that data an easy proposition helping to avoid disaster.

Collaboration features such as email, shared calendaring, desktop faxing, internal and external websites and even mobile messaging catapult your company ahead of your competition by increasing your operational efficiency and the agility of your organization. Taking advantage of powerful software and low cost hardware the Netryx Technology Package provides all you need to get up and running quickly with the least amount of effort or expenditure.

Contact Netryx for more information about the Technology Advantage Package and all of th eother advantages that Netryx can provide to your business.

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